Uncategorized Keeping the Great Outdoors Outdoors Jim Gaffigan said, “if the great outdoors is so great, why do all the bugs want to live in my house.” I don’t like to step on them because of the mess it makes, I am not fast enough to catch them, and I am not really sure what I would do if I did […]
Uncategorized Renovation and Return on Investment The National Association of Home Builders’ Remodeling Marketing Index (RMI) measures renovation activity and a reading over 50 indicates more activity than inactivity. The composite score for the third quarter of 2016 was 57, up four points from the previous quarter and a positive streak has continued since. There are regional differences due to varying […]
Uncategorized A First Impression Checklist First impressions for home buyers start at the street. If you cannot lure them into the house, they are never going to buy it. 1. SAFETY FIRST: Eliminate slippery throw rugs, loose steps, or any other hazard that could lead to an unfortunate accident involving your potential buyers. 2. CURB APPEAL: Homes with a properly […]
Uncategorized Clutter My children believed the floor was the largest shelf in the house. In my Dad’s house, every inch of counter space is covered. I thought the need to clutter is genetic and skips a generation, the way I understand it works with twins. I recently purged the cabinets, drawers, closets and the pantry in my […]
Uncategorized Seller Mistakes: Lingering at Home During a Showing It is an awkward moment. The buyer’s agent has made all the arrangements to show a house. Everyone arrives at the house and the sellers are there. As much as the seller may feel they are somehow helping to sell the place by being there to answer questions and show the potential buyers around, it […]
Uncategorized About Architectural Control Committees My blogs are intended to be informative, but this may digress into a rant because it is based upon the personal and expensive experience of Frank, a house renovator to whom I sold a foreclosed house in a gated, upscale neighborhood, giving it promise as a good investment of $148,200. Because I found the house […]
Uncategorized Multiple Offers: Making Your Offer Stick   HOW TO MAKE YOUR OFFER STICK The real estate market is as hot as the summer sun. It is a seller’s market and inventory is low. Multiple offers are common, and Sellers are fielding offers in excess of the listing price. You are a buyer. You need an edge. Here are some tips. INCREASE […]
Uncategorized Predicting a Recession It is in social media, the evening news, real estate oriented publications and in my email just today. It is speculation about another recession in the real estate market and how bad it could get. Can speculating about a recession cause a recession? Being convinced the markets are obviously going to crash doesn’t it make […]
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