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Seller Mistakes: Lingering at Home During a Showing

It is an awkward moment. The buyer’s agent has made all the arrangements to show a house. Everyone arrives at the house and the sellers are there. As much as the seller may feel they are somehow helping to sell the place by being there to answer questions and show the potential buyers around, it is a serious mistake. Get out! Go walk the dog! The buyer’s agent knows what her client wants and needs in a home and they know from the listing what the house has to offer or they would not be there. Not convinced. Read on.

The buyer cannot fully inspect the house if the seller is looking over the buyers shoulder. Selling a home involves the buyer envisioning the home as their own, with their furnishings and their pictures on the walls. That is why listing agents advise their sellers to de-personalize the house and to remove all clutter from countertops, closets, drawers, etc., so the buyer can imagine how the house will work for the buyers’ lifestyle.  It certainly won’t help if the seller is hanging around and by their presence discouraging the buyer from opening cabinets and closets and fully exploring the house. The buyer’s ability to discuss their issues and concerns and the agents ability to counsel her client is stifled with the seller in the room. Is the master bedroom too small for their California King bed? How difficult would it be to add a bathroom, or knock out a wall? The agent may have the answers (or know someone who will), be able to overcome objections and offer cheap fixes that will make the home perfect for her client.

With the seller there, the buyer will feel hurried, going through the home too fast to really see it or remember it. They need time to assess if the house is a good fit for them. Most buyers will not want to go in a room occupied by the seller or their family. Buyers do not need a tour guide. Your house probably isn’t that big. Finally, sellers feel the need to talk and what they say could compromise their ability to negotiate. “They have transferred my job to Fort Wayne and the kids start school there next month. We have already purchased a house there, so we really need to unload this one.” Great, so much for a full price offer!

Get out of the house when it is being shown. For other advice in preparing your home for sale and showing, give us a shout or visit our website at StallingsandSmith.com for tips and other resources. We are here to help.

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